Big Apple is a three-piece warmer with amazing, hand-painted details. Topped with a pair of glossy green leaves, it looks so good you might be tempted to take a bite! Perfect as an end-of-the-year gift for that favorite teacher–or as a gift to yourself! Big Apple uses 20-watt light bulb.
$31.50 during April 2013
                                       Big Apple Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

Meet the newest Buddy's to the Buddy's collection!

                  Meet the newest Buddy's to the Buddy's collection!









Gallery Scentsy Warmer


Gallery Scentsy Warmers
Curate your own personal exhibit with the Gallery Collection. Each Gallery Warmer has a blank, magnetized panel that glows from within when lit. Simply snap on a Gallery Frame to Customize your warmer and fill the room with beautiful patterns of shadows and light. Each Gallery Warmer comes with your choice of Wren, Monarch, or Rays Gallery Frame–you can expand your collection by purchasing Gallery Frames individually. $35 (warmer + frame) $7 (frame only)







MAY WARMER | Father’s Day Scentsy Gallery Collection

MAY WARMER | Father’s Day Scentsy Gallery Collection
Available May 1st
Give Dad something that’s more memorable than a tie! The Father’s Day Gallery Collection includes your choice of a Charcoal or Cream Gallery Warmer and one of five* limited-edition Gallery Frames that reflect some of Dad’s favorite pastimes. Gallery Collection Father’s Day Frames: Bass Fishing, Buck Hunting, Buckaroo Horseback, Birdie Golf, Bike Motorcycle
*Additional Father’s Day Collection Gallery Frames are available for purchase at $7.

                                              Father's Day CollectiFather's Day Scentsy Gallery Collection